MacroShell Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I change My Password On My BNC/Shell/IRCD Account?

A) At the prompt on your shell account, type "passwd". If you would
rather have MacroShell generate a random password for you, or if
you've forgotten your password and need to be assigned a new one,
send an e-mail to

Q) How long does it take to setup/transfer a domain?

A) All setup/transfer procedures on MacroShell's end are completed
within 24 hours, however, your registrar may require 24 - 72 hours to
complete their modifications.

Q) What are Macroshell's Nameservers?

A) &

Q) How do I access IRC via my MacroShell account?

A) From your shell prompt you can type, "irc", "ircII", or "BitchX".

If there is another IRC program that you would like to use, please
e-mail, and we'll try to locate and install the
IRC program for you.

Q) How do I kill background processes?

A) From the shell prompt, type "ps x". This shows what background
processes are running under your name along with their
corresponding Process ID number (PID). To terminate a background
process under your name, type "kill -9 PID#", where "PID#" is the
number located to the right of the process listed in the "ps x".

Q) How long does it take to process a new account?

A) Accounts are normally processed within 12 hours of confirmed

Q) What EFNET servers should I run my bots on?

A) Bots can only be run off of bot allowing servers. You should always
check a server MOTD before having a bot connect to it. MacroShell is
in constant contact with various IRC admins and is always trying to
obtain new I-lines to increase the number of servers our bots are
allowed on.

Q) What is my E-mail address that came with my Shell account?

A) Your default E-mail address with Macroshell is . If your username on the shellbox is Jsmith, your
E-mail address will be

Q) What operating system does MacroShell use?

A) MacroShell uses FreeBSD on all of it's servers.

Q) How can I receive my e-mail from my shell account?

A) From the shell prompt type "pine". For POP3 access ( so you can
check your mail via Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, etc. ) You'll need to
use your shell username/password, and as the incoming
mailserver. The outgoing mailserver is provided to you by your current
internet service provider.

Q) What virtual hosts can I use?

A) You and your bots can use any of MacroShell's preset virtual
hosts, or you can create your own virtual hosts by clicking here or
getting in contact with a systems administrator.

Q) My question was not answered in this faq. Where do I go now?

A) Click here to go to our contact us section, or send an e-mail to